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Our Electronics are Slowly Killing Us Everyday you waking up surrounded by invisible threats that could be impacting your health without you even realizing it. Electromagnetic fields (EMFs), also known as Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR), are everywhere—emitted by the very devices that make modern life possible like your smartphone, laptop, and even your Wi-Fi router. These invisible energy zones are a constant presence in our lives, making complete avoidance nearly impossible. Intriguingly, placing a simple LED light near a phone’s antenna can visibly illuminate from the intense energy being emitted, demonstrating the potent levels of EMFs we’re exposed to daily. With the proliferation of new technologies such as smartphones, WiFi, and 5G networks, the concern over the health impacts of EMFs has intensified. Research worldwide, including over 1,000 studies, points to adverse health effects. In 2017, this growing concern led the World Health Organization to classify cell phone radiation as a possible carcinogen, underscoring the potential risks lurking in our everyday environment. Fortunately, American Aires $AAIRF is at the forefront of offering effective solutions to shield against these unseen dangers, helping to safeguard our health in an increasingly EMF-saturated world UFC and Aires Tech Announce Global Marketing Partnership to Promote Health UFC®, the world’s premier mixed martial arts organization, and American Aires Inc. (CSE: WIFI) (OTCQB: AAIRF), a leader in EMF protection technology, have announced a groundbreaking global marketing partnership. This multi-year deal will prominently feature Aires Tech’s branding during UFC’s major events, reaching over 700 million fans in 170 countries. Aires Tech, known for its innovative solutions that protect against electromagnetic radiation, aligns perfectly with UFC’s commitment to peak performance and health. This partnership will also see Aires Tech integrated into UFC’s digital content, live broadcasts, and fan engagements, significantly enhancing its global presence and brand recognition. Verified Live on FOX Business Network “Health Uncensored with Dr. Drew” CEO Josh Bruni takes the spotlight on the national television series “Health Uncensored with Dr. Drew” on FOX Business Network. Aired on Sunday, May 5, 2024, this prime-time segment promises to captivate a diverse audience with cutting-edge discussions on medical technology breakthroughs. Dr. Drew Pinsky, a renowned health expert, delved into the scientific foundations and benefits of American Aires’ $AAIRF innovative technology, designed to shield against the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. The episode not only enhance Aires’ credibility among health-conscious viewers but also expand its reach through additional features on the show’s YouTube channel and website. This high-visibility platform aligns perfectly with Aires’ strategy to cement its status as a household name, leveraging influential figures and media to connect with millions globally. Revolutionizing EMF Protection and Human Wellness In the era of technological ubiquity, American Aires Inc. OTCQB: $AAIRF emerges as a beacon of innovation, pioneering cutting-edge solutions in electromagnetic field (EMF) protection. They are commitment to enhancing human health; the Canadian-based company has developed advanced suite of Lifetune devices, uniquely designed to modulate harmful EMF emissions from everyday electronics, thus safeguarding physiological well-being and optimizing biological functions. With over twenty years of dedicated research and $20 million in development, American Aires is not just another tech company—it’s a pioneer poised to dominate the EMF protection market with its innovative solutions for your phone, laptops and other electronic devices. Partnerships Expanding Market Reach with Strategic Partnerships One of the cornerstones of American Aires’s $AAIRF expansive strategy is its recent partnership with Rumble Inc., a rising video platform with a substantial global audience. By engaging Rumble’s 67 million monthly users and leveraging the popularity of influencer Russell Brand, who has a dedicated following of 1.87 million, Aires strategically positions itself at the forefront of potential customers’ minds. This collaboration not only broadens Aires’s audience but also enriches its market approach by integrating its EMF protection narrative into the digital content consumed by millions worldwide. Additionally, the #airesathletes campaign underscores Aires’s commitment to the high-performance sports sector. The partnership with Tiki Barber, a celebrated NFL icon, and Maycee Barber, a prominent UFC fighter, illustrates Aires’s dedication to athletes’ performance and recovery needs. These partnerships highlight the physiological benefits of Aires’s technology, providing athletes with enhanced recovery times, better performance, and overall well-being, thus resonating powerfully within the sports community. Military Innovation to Consumer Health American Aires has developed a proprietary solution that stands out in the tech landscape: a silicon-based microchip designed to modulate and reduce harmful EMF emissions effectively. This isn’t just any chip; it originated from military-grade technology developed for radar protection, adapted by the company for everyday consumer use. Unlike traditional methods that might block or shield EMFs, American Aires’ $AAIRF microchip uses a sophisticated process of diffraction, which alters the structure of electromagnetic waves, making them harmless to human biology without disrupting the device’s function. Global EMF Concerns and Aires’ Response The global dialogue on EMFs has intensified, with entities like the World Health Organization classifying cell phone radiation as a potential carcinogen. Countries like France have taken legal measures against devices that exceed radiation standards, highlighting the urgency of Aires’ mission. American Aires $AAIRF responds to these global concerns with robust scientific backing, offering products tested and validated by extensive research, including studies that demonstrate the chip’s effectiveness in real-world scenarios. Robust Financial Performance and Growth Trajectory American Aires’s financial achievements are a testament to its strategic foresight and operational excellence. In recent disclosures, Aires reported a record quarterly order volume of $3.7 million, marking a significant year-over-year growth. This surge in orders is attributed to its dynamic marketing strategies and the introduction of its products into new markets. Furthermore, the annual 2023 order volume soared to $10.4 million, propelled by expanded marketing initiatives and enhanced product visibility. American Aires $AAIRF Inc. has opened a new fulfillment center in Bardon Hill, UK, to support its global expansion. The company, known for technology protecting against electromagnetic radiation, saw a 79% increase in annual order volume for 2023, reaching $10.4 million. The UK center, now operational, aims to enhance sales and marketing before the holiday season. CEO Josh Bruni noted the UK’s potential, with plans to increase its current 2% share of global orders. The new center joins others in the USA, Canada, Australia, and Europe, boosting sales and customer service. Aires also expanded into Asia through a partnership with Pürland Co., Ltd., covering Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. Investment in Research and Global Impact Over two decades, American Aires $AAIRF has invested over $20 million in developing a proprietary technology that stands at the intersection of innovation and consumer health protection. The Aires Lifetune devices, backed by extensive scientific research, offer a proactive approach to mitigating the adverse effects of EMF exposure. This technology harmonizes electromagnetic frequencies with the body’s biological rhythms, thereby neutralizing potential health risks associated with EMF radiation. The scientific efficacy of Aires’s technology is supported by multiple peer-reviewed studies and clinical reports, which validate the benefits of their EMF modulation devices. These devices are designed for ease of use, seamlessly integrating into daily life without the need for a power source, offering protection against the EMF radiation emitted by cell phones, computers, and other digital devices. Future Prospects and Vision Looking ahead, American Aires $AAIRF is strategically poised for further expansion and innovation under the leadership of CEO Josh Bruni. The company’s engagement with William Morris Endeavor Entertainment exemplifies its strategic initiatives to penetrate deeper into the entertainment and sports industries, enhancing brand recognition and adoption on a global scale. As Aires continues to push the boundaries of EMF protection technology, its comprehensive approach to marketing, robust financial health, and commitment to scientific innovation create a compelling narrative for investors and consumers alike. American Aires $AAIRF stands not only as a leader in EMF protection but also as a visionary enterprise dedicated to fostering health and wellness in a digitally dominated age. This unique positioning underscores its potential for continued growth and its impact on global health and wellness markets. Tickers: USA: $AAIRF CANADA: $WIFI
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